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Multimedia Academy

Armijo's Multimedia Academy is Partnering with Sustainable Solano to encourage students to see the benefits in supporting and eating local produce.  

Sustainable Solano

Sustainable Solano is a grassroots, countywide organization that unites individuals through service to the future of Solano County and the advancement of ecologically sustainable, economically viable, and socially equitable communities in an inclusive society. Sustainable Solano is the result of decades of hard work by the community, which began with community gardens and has expanded to emphasize the development of sustainable, regenerative environments, the strengthening of local communities, the support of local food systems, and the development of youth leadership and workforce skills for a better future.

Innovation Health Solutions

Innovative Health Solutions (IHS) is a nonprofit organization that builds coalitions and networks to create comprehensive and holistic approaches to public health. It has supported 100+ partners and created successful coalitions and networks to advance various local and national public health goals, such as food access and equitable healthy communities. IHS's consulting expertise in program management has proven to be the premier catalyst for sustainable health solutions, with over 3000 community members benefitting from their programs.

Armijo Healthy Local Food

is a program run by Innovation Health Solutions and Sustainable Solano, dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of people in Solano County. Through our initiatives, we work to make local and sustainable food sources accessible and affordable, so that everyone in our community can have access to fresh and nutritious food. We also provide educational programs and resources to help people learn more about healthy eating and cooking. Our goal is to help create a healthier and more sustainable way of living in Solano County.

Partnership With Multimedia Academy

Innovation Health Solutions and Sustainable Solano are partnering with the Multimedia Academy to show the importance of healthy food and its benefits on the body. Armijo's students have been engaging in different activities every week by alternating between the kitchen group and the garden group. The kitchen group consists of different recipes and kitchen skills. The students learn how to properly use kitchen utensils like knifes, silverware, and how to cook healthy delicious food. The Garden group consists of teaching the students the significance of how important plants are and where they came from. 


Students/Teachers/Parents/Local Farmers/Producers/Photographers/Videographers


Armijo High School MultiMedia Academy

Garden Club

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